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Meir Segal The Star

As we all know, he was born in Romania in 1954. He realized when he was a kid that he had a passion for soccer. The passion wasn’t enough. He realized he also had talent. He played for Stu Academy when he was 15. Could you believe that? Just 15 years old. If the coach didn’t discover his talent, who knows what would have happened. The coach who saw the spirit and talent of young Meir Segal was Hacoah Ramt. I was the year 1970. When that happened, they have chosen to let him play for six more years. He...

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The benefits Of Private Coaching

First of all, people don’t realize what the advantage of personal trainers is. Most of the people think it is a waste of money and they usually say that they don’t need a coach. That is a big mistake, and that is why people like them end up with nothing. They don’t become a superstar they have always dreamed of. So it is important to realize that a personal trainer will increase your skills. He will make sure that your skills are put to the test and if you need any other skill, you will develop it. So make...

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Soccer training

First of all, we all know that this is very important. Every player will need to train if he wants to become the world’s best player. So the thing is very simple. If you want to succeed, you will need to make sure that you have a proper trainer and good training. It isn’t always easy because most of these people are there just for their money. Or your money to be precise. To find good ad coach, you will need to search far and wide. We gave you a solution. We have a team of coaches that will...

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Soccer betting & odds

Individual Training Session

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